+Street™ is a software module that can be used as an additive to TrainController™. With +Street™ autos on road systems can be controlled. +Street™ expands TrainController™ with features and functions that go beyond pure model railroad computer and which are useful for the control of autos. +Street™ can certainly be used with TrainController™ on a pure road system, too, i.e. completely without a model railroad.

With the help of distance control purely hardware-based car systems can ensure that automatically controlled cars do not collide, but they usually allow only very rigid operating procedures, where autos turn over again the same round. Conventional model railroad control programs, which include the control of road traffic, allow varied operational procedures. However, by simply applying the block protection for trains also to autos, the distance control is overridden and autos drive only with a large, fixed distance behind each other.

With +Street™ it is now possible to combine the best of both worlds. All functions of TrainController™ to control a diverse operation can now be applied to autos, too. Blocks can be configured in a way, that autos drive with a prototypical short distance behind each other and line up themselves in any number at red traffic lights, closed crossing gates, etc.

Learn more about +Street™ by reading its manual. Download +Street™ from here and try it free of charge.
+Street™ Product Characteristics: