Users, who have already purchased from us a license for TrainController™ or TrainProgrammer™ Version 7 or 8 or another edition of TrainControllerVersion 9.0, have basically, i.e. apart from execptional cases, the possibility to purchase an upgrade license for Version 9.0 of TrainController™ or TrainProgrammer™ at a price, which is reduced in comparison to the full version.

If you like you can order directly over the Internet. Access to this service is only available to users with a valid license.

The following procedure describes, how the order is done:

Upgrade Code:
The following example assumes that a change from TrainController™ Silver to TrainController™ Gold will be ordered. The PC is connected to the Internet: The second example assumes that an upgrade from TrainProgrammer™ Version 8 to the current version TrainProgrammer™ will be ordered. The PC is not connected to the Internet: In the past it happened several times, that persons tried to order an upgrade without being entitled to do so. For this reason we strongly recommend to take into account the following hints.

Before you place your order, verify please, that you are in possession of a valid license of the version, that you want to upgrade from.
For the upgrade it is necessary, that you purchased your current license from us or from an authorized dealer.
This is the case, if the info dialog in the Help menu of the software displays your name, the name of your club or the name of your company.
Knowing the upgrade code is not sufficient to be entitled to order an upgrade. If you are in doubt, whether you are in possession of a valid license for a previous version of the software please
contact us before you order an upgrade license. We check each upgrade order against our database of approved licenses. We will deny each order placed by persons, who are not in possession of an approved license of the concerning previous version. Any fees are charged, that are caused by reversal of such unjustified upgrade orders.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of an upgrade or a license for a full version in individual cases.