TrainController™ Silver is intended for users with high demands. It is the successor of the established control program TrainController™ 5. It is particularly well suited for small to medium sized layouts. It also provides an inexpensive alternative to technically experienced users with large layouts. By extending the basic functions of TrainController™ Bronze TrainController™ Silver also offers very diverse possibilities for individual adjustment and intervention. This is especially true for automatic operation, e.g. high-precision stopping of trains in blocks, which are only equipped with one sensor, operation with start and destination keys, automatic triggering of actions during schedules, by push buttons or by feedback sensors, evaluation of logical conditions, prototypical signal systems, operation based on timetable and fast model clock and much more.

With a little tinkering cost-conscious and technically savvy users can also solve very demanding tasks with TrainController™ Silver: display and operation of larger layouts with more than one track diagram, multiple units and reversal of locomotive position, different stop locations for passenger and freight trains in the same track, integration of turntables into automatic operation or implementation of professional maneuvers.
TrainController™Silver Product Characteristics :