TrainController™ Bronze is ideal for users who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use program that reliably covers all standard tasks of model railroad computer control, such as switchboard operation, route control, block securing, commuter trains or hidden yard control, etc. TrainController™ Bronze provides an excellent start for model railroaders with little experience with model railroad computer control. The features focus on the essential functions. This makes it easier at the beginning to distinguish the basic functions from the advanced features. Therefore, we recommend those model railroaders, too, to start with TrainController™ Bronze, who know in advance that because of their wide-ranging needs only one of the more feature-rich editions TrainController™ Silver or TrainController™ Gold come into consideration.
You first enter the track diagram of your model railroad into TrainController™ Bronze. With the built-in pen function this is done in a short time. After entering the digital addresses of turnouts into the corresponding turnout symbols all turnouts can already be operated with mouse clicks on the track diagram. Even the recording of locomotives is quite easy. Simply create a record for a locomotive, enter the corresponding digital address and the locomotive can be driven with the built-in train window.

Automatic operation also requires no special software skills. On hardware side the layout is first divided into blocks and provided with appropriate feedback sensors. With the built-in program editor the specification of blocks in TrainController™ Bronze is easily possible for everyone. Using so-called brake and stop markers the corresponding track sections indicate, where trains begin to slow down or stop in a block. Setting up of the blocks is already the most essential prerequisite for automatic operation. After locating the blocks in the track diagram, the program can calculate the connecting routes automatically and in real time (see also route test). Trains can now be set in motion without detailed specification of itineraries by using the mode run with interlocking. Knowing the track plan and the location of the blocks, the computer, in dual role as an engineer and dispatcher, will ensure that the trains run automatically and do not collide. AutoTrain™ is an alternative driving mode, which allows to dispatch trains to another location by dragging their symbol on the computer screen with the mouse. The itinerary is determined by TrainController™ Bronze itself. However, the computer must not necessarily act as an engineer. If you prefer, you can also drive trains as an engineer yourself and have the computer monitor the operation as a dispatcher. Or, conversely, have the computer play the role of the engineer and determine as a dispatcher yourself, when and where to put the trains in motion. Any roles and mixed forms are possible. So you can have the computer control the entire parade line, for example, including attached hidden yards, while the station, the fiddle yard or the depot are under your manual control (see also train operation). TrainController™ Bronze Product Characteristics :