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The official support of Version 5.8 of our products ended on December 31, 2009. For the time being the items listed below can be downloaded from here. The use of these versions, however, is without guarantee and at your own risk. There are no more bug fixes. In case of problems, there is no right to technical support. The download option offered here may be terminated at any time without prior notice. If you want to use Version 5.8 in the long term, we strongly recommend to provide yourself in time with copies of the installation files for backup purposes.

If you are using more than one of the items listed below, then ensure please, that all programs and modules, that you are using together, have the same version.

The software provided here is bilingual. You can choose if you want to install the english or german version.

Another source for free download is the Goody Box. There you will find more interesting material and also program files of previous versions of Railroad & Co.™