+4DSound™ is an additional software module, that can be added to TrainController™. +4DSound™ adds realistic and spatial sound effects to the operation of your model railroad. Why 4D? Sound effects are not only played at the according locations in the regular three dimensional space of your train room but also affected by timing, train speed, attenuation and other factors.

+4DSound™ uses a series of stationary speakers placed around the layout to re-create the sound of trains traveling along the track. It does not require installation of onboard sound decoders into each particular locomotive.

The diagram shows the structural principle and the hardware components of model railroad computer control with TrainController+4DSound™.

The system utilises the train tracking features of TrainController™ to determine the location of each train, then blends the train sounds among the stationary speakers, allowing the sound to follow the train's movement. The advantage of +4DSound™ is the ability to use larger and better speakers under the layout, providing better bass response and much more realistic sound than onboard speakers alone can produce. +4DSound™ can be combined with any digital system and it can be used by itself or in conjunction with an onboard sound system.

Stationary sounds can be programmed into the software, too, such as industrial sounds, waterfalls, animals and other nature sounds, and grade-crossing bells.

A surround sound system (e.g. 5.1 or 7.1) is required to make spatial sound effects audible. The use of mono and stereo speakers is possible, too. But this will result in replay of regular mono and stereo sound without any spatial or surround sound effect.

+4DSound™ can also be combined with +Net™, the network extension of TrainController™, for example to run model railroad control and sound replay on separate computers, if desired. This is especially useful, if you are looking for a useful application for a spare computer. For further information about +Net™ refer to the +Net™ Manual, please.

Even though +4DSound™ offers so many possibilities you will find, that setup of +4DSound™ in the software is amazingly simple. Learn more about +4DSound™ by reading its manual. Download +4DSound™ from here and try it free of charge.
+4DSound™ Product Characteristics: