Anyone who uses a digital system for the control of his model railroad, must sooner or later change the settings in the decoders contained in the used vehicles and accessories. Even users whithout individual requirements must at least set the digital address, which a decoder responds to. The configuration of a decoder is done by storing specific numerical values in the memory of the decoder. The according memory locations are called configuration variables (CV) or in general decoder options. Each CV controls a particular aspect in the behavior of the decoder. The numerical value stored in a CV determines how this influence looks like. Each CV also has a number by which it can be identified

Digital systems offer the opportunity to read the CVs of a decoder or to write values into the individual CVs. On most systems, however, it is necessary to enter the CV number first and then, if a value is to be written, in addition the numerical value to be written. To read all settings of a decoder, each particular CV must be addressed and read out one after the other. To find out what the individual abstract value means it is often necessary to refer to the instructions of the manufacturer. Usually, the programming of decoders with the digital system is a complicated and highly abstract process.

With a computer, however, the programming of decoders can be carried out much more conveniently, faster and more intuitively. This is well supported by our software TrainProgrammer. With TrainProgrammer all or also selected settings of a decoder can be read with a single mouse click. The individual values are presented clearly on the screen, sorted by category and displayed with easy to understand terms. To program e.g. a four-digit address without using a computer into a decoder with a digital system, three CVs must be selected one after the other and cryptic bit and numerical values must be entered. TrainProgrammer is different. Here simply set a check mark to specify that four-digit addressing is used and enter the real value of the four-digit address into the corresponding option. With a mouse click, all participating CV values cen be written into the decoder. This can't be done easier and faster!

TrainProgrammer also offers also the possibility to store all decoder settings in a file or to print out a decoder summary table for archival purposes. It is also possible to test settings directly on the track or on an attached roller test bench. It is furthermore possible to specify procedures to run locomotives with changing directions and speed, with which the running-in of new vehicles can be automated. TrainProgrammer also offers a so-called off-line mode, with which you can try the program without connection to a digital system.
TrainProgrammer™ Product Characteristics: