TrainController™ Gold is the ultimate control program for model railroads. Maximum functionality is combined here with simple operation, maximum convenience with most efficient way of working. TrainController™ Gold is the choice of professionals and users with the highest demands, who want to control like the professionals. Even the largest model railroad layouts can be efficiently and conveniently controlled and their block and route system can be created in a short time. But also less experienced users can accomplish even demanding tasks easily and with little effort with TrainController™ Gold. In TrainController™ Gold virtually all essential requirements are considered, that have been collected from users of earlier versions of TrainController™ in recent years. TrainController™ Gold is not only ahead of similar programs by several years, we even claim that currently there is no similar program on the market!

TrainController™ Gold completes the range of the other editions TrainController™ Bronze and TrainController™ Silver to the top. While specifically TrainController™ Silver sometimes requires a bit puzzling or the knowledge of an experienced user, in TrainController™ Gold even very complex tasks and maneuvers can be solved relatively easily and with quickly to-learn features. Examples are the simple combination of several track diagrams for large and very large layouts for automatic operation, the specification of different stop locations in a block for various types of trains to stop passenger trains in the middle of a platform and freight trains at the signal at the end of the block, creation of own symbols for signals, buttons, turnouts and other switchboard objects, program-controlled separation and joining of train consists, sophisticated length control, e.g. for a proper central stop at the platform or for the search for the shortest appropriate track in a hidden yard, which also works accurately, when train compositions change during operation, convenient incorporation of turntables into the switchboard and automatic operation, up to professional maneuvers such as change of locomotives, control of humps, overhaul of slower trains (see the information about facilities), etc., etc. TrainController™ Gold also provides sophisticated security features. It is needless to say that all TrainController™ editions work absolutely reliable from the software perspective. TrainController™ Gold, however, provides additional features, that enhance the hardware-side security and reliability, e.g. turnout position control, a watchdog for jamming trains, aberation detection or monitoring of the maintenance interval of vehicles with the ability to respond automatically to the occurrence of the maintenance case.
Not for nothing TrainController™ Gold was selected in the recent past as the preferred control software for professional exhibition layouts. In this environment not only diversity and absolute reliability of operation are important, but for economic reasons also the effective and quick input of the necessary data. Private model railroaders will of course also benefit from the superiority of TrainController™ Gold in these disciplines. TrainController™ Gold Product Characteristics: