The products of the Railroad & Co.™ family are used in countless users and clubs and have already been presented frequently in the press. The following pages offer a selection of important references and collects information about Railroad & Co.™ The list, however, not exhaustive.

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Advice & Help:

The products of the Railroad & Co.™ family are indeed distinguished by very simple and intuitive use and understandability. But even the most comfortable user interface and detailed documentation does not answer all questions or solve all problems. Therefore, additional customized help is available:

Training Courses:

Currently we do not offer seminars ourselves. German speaking users can found information about seminars held by others in german language on the german version of this page.
Exhibition Layouts:

  • In St. Petersburg (Russian Federation) an exhibition layout called Grand-Maket will show the Russian Federation, the largest country in the world. Starting in Kaliningrad through the area of St Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, the Urals to Kamchatka each region is replicated in detail. On approximately 800 square meters many key objects and typical buildings are shown. The whole system is controlled by a control booth in the middle of the model in the "depths of the Ural Mountains." Here, where the land is separated into the European and Asian part, the control center is located - the heart of the model. 7 computers with TrainController™ Gold control the railroad operation of the entire exhibition from here, which is divided into about 10 individual sections.
  • A list of very impressive exhibition layouts located in Germany and near by can be found in the german version of this page.

  • Manufacturers:

    Freiwald Software does not only cooperate with all the leading manufacturers of digital technology, who provide an appropriate computer interface to their digital system, but also works with major model train manufacturers:

  • Roco, one of the world's largest model train manufacturers, has selected TrainController™ as the basis for the Rocomotion software. With this software, their own hardware and TrainProgrammer™ as well as TrainAnimator™ Roco formed a unique complete set of hardware and software for model train control, which is offered through specialist shops.
  • Fleischmann, also one of the world's largest model train manufacturers, offers the Rocomotion software also with the digital system developed by Roco.

  • Press:

  • The german version of this page contains a very comprehensive list of articles about TrainController™ and other products from Freiwald Software published in german train magazines in the last years.
  • In the December 2010 issue of the Spanish magazine Maquetren there is an extensive report on the annual meeting of the CTMS group with its modular layout run by TrainController™. The article highlights the new play possibilities opened with the introduction of SmartHand™ Mobile, allowing the mix of manual driven trains - via smartphone or tablet computers - with the fully automated ones.
  • In a series of articles published in Model Railroad News (USA) between April and September 2009 Phil Scandura presented the "Project DCC - Integrating Operation and Automation". A number of software programs for model railroad computer control was presented in detail, among others our TrainController™. In the last issue of this series the author came to the following conclusion:

    "Layout Automation Software - This is the one area in which I have a strong opinion. My favorite software package without question is TrainController from Railroad & Co.™ It was the easiest to use, the most flexible and the most stable. Although it still could benefit from better user documentation in certain areas, it was head and shoulders above the other packages."

  • In the April 2009 issue of the Spanish model train magazin Maquetren, Pedro Valero described the control of the modular layout of the Spanish train association CTMS with TrainController™.
  • In issue 12/2001 of the german computer magazine ONLINE-TODAY a benchmark test of the five leading software programs for model railroad computer control was performed.  TrainController™ won the highest award !

  • Online Today Award 12/01

  • Issue November 2000 of the french magazine Rail Miniature Flash contained a presentation of TrainControllerVersion 4.1.
  • The Marklin Digital Newsletter Jan/Feb 1998 was up to TrainControllerVersion 3.

  • Please notify us, if you are aware of any other articles about our products published in international train magazines.

    If your club uses TrainController™, but is not listed here yet, send us a short message. We will be happy to include your club in this list.


    A list of authorized Railroad & Co.™ dealers is provided here.

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