Facilities are one of the highlights of TrainController™ Gold. They are the reason why we say:

Driving trains from A to B was yesterday. Other programs can do that too.

Standard tasks such as the control of single-track sections, stations or sidings, but also more tricky processes in hidden yards, automatic changing of locomotives, hump yards, pushing operation at gradients, integration of display cases or locomotive lifts and much more can be mastered much more quickly and easily, even by inexperienced users. Conventional basic functions no longer have to be linked together in a complex and difficult-to-understand manner.

Facilities are set up quickly and easily. For example, to set up a fully functional hidden yard, you first select the hidden yard from the menu of the facilities. Then you assign the blocks and routes in the hidden yard with a mouse click. Finally, with a mouse click, the blocks in the corresponding direction are set as entry blocks, exit blocks or blocks for holding.


Trains can then automatically pull into the hidden yard, look themselves for a free track and be parked there.

The control of the hidden yard can also be extended and refined as desired with just a few more mouse clicks:
Trains can automatically find the shortest track they can fit into. Blocks that are in a row can be selected as the situation requires to park several short trains or one long train. Trains can be lined up in multiple blocks or in a single block, and then advance automatically after the train in front has exited. Trains can exit according to priorities or in such a way that trains that have been standing for a long time are given preference. When a passenger train enters, another passenger train can automatically exit; likewise a freight train when a freight train arrives. When the hidden yard is full, trains can choose to wait until another train departs, send another train out to make room, or drive through the hidden yard without stopping.
And much more. The many possibilities cannot be fully described here.

Overall, TrainController™ Gold includes approx. 20 different types of facilities for various control tasks and maneuvers, e.g. for:

Different facilities can also be combined with each other, e.g. a station with a branching, so that arriving trains always enter platform 1 and only use platform 2 if platform 1 is already in use.

These aren't things that just can be done. You can do this more or less complicated with other programs, too. Rather, these are things for which there are ready-made modules in TrainController™ Gold that you only have to adapt to your needs without assembling basic functions from scratch. This is also possible for many less experienced users with little effort and not just for experts.